One thing that I've always wanted to do was get lost. There hasn't been much of a chance for that in my life, growing up in the suburbs that I've known for fifteen years. Anywhere you might find yourself on your bike is somewhere that looks exactly like home; a street sign that could easily be in your backyard or the other side of the suburb.
When I was younger, I wanted to be an explorer like Columbus or the first man to circumnavigate the globe, what was his name? I secretly still want to that, even though everywhere has pretty much be discovered. But that really doesn't stop me at all. Back then, there were lands you can find where no one you had ever met had been to or even known it existed. There were so many animals and plants and cultures that hadn't been discovered, and back then, you could have been the one.
Today, getting lost isn't quite the same. Not that I'd really know. Getting off at a random stop on the train route won't land you somewhere undiscovered, but at least it would be excited and adventurous. Not knowing where you are would be a thrilling if you stick the GPS in your pocket and just walk.
I hope someday I could do that- find myself in a city somewhere exciting and exotic like Europe. Even more so if I can't speak the language. All I really want is an adventure, I think, and not one like you'd find at a theme park or somewhere pre-planned. It hardly matters to me where it is, I think. Just where ever I'm not quite sure where I am.
Blarhg. I'm in a weird mood.

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